If you can't see that the government is giving all the powers to control you in the hands of corporations, then you're watching the Main Stream Media news outlets.
This website has thousands of links to news stories they refuse to show on the main stream media that prove that you are being lied to, and that information is being withheld from you.

It's time for you to stop being afraid to learn the truth about the reality of tyranny that is taking place all around you.

Great News Sources

Please do not watch the main stream media news like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC.

They all are owned by the same elite corporations and they have an agenda to keep the masses stupid, uninformed and in line.

Here are a few great sources to get you started on your quest for the truth.

Empire Files with Abby Martin

Chris Hedges

Are you a little overwhelmed by all this deceit and treachery going on?

Maybe Max Igan can help you out with that a bit.

Surviving The Matrix.

Max Igan

Right Wing Watch

Is a project for People For the American Way, is run by a dedicated staff driven to shed light on the activities of right-wing political organizations. As a non-profit working hard every day to expose the Far-Right's extreme and intolerant agenda.

Max Igan

Media Matters for America

Is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

Max Igan

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.-

Universal Declaration of Human rights Article 19.
I follow no one God. My beliefs are like everybody else, just guesses. Nobody knows the real maker, no one, anyone who claims to is only fooling themselves and trying to fool others with their guesses. I will not live my life by anyone's religious beliefs, or guesses, no one should.
Until all of the people who are on the 99% side get together against the 1% side, nothing will change.
I'm neither a Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat, Green party member or supporter. I believe in a system where everyone follows the same rules, where no one or no organized group is above any other entity.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Blew Everyone Away With This Post On FB. Wow.
What do you think of Arnie's message?
Controversy: Is Growing Your Own Vegetables a Fundamental Right?
Growing your own vegetables used to be considered a civic duty. Now a Florida attorney arguing otherwise has sparked a local and national debate.
Industry Whistleblower Claims This is What’s Really Killing Honeybees : Waking Times
3 Disgusting Reasons Why Why You Should Never Trust Food Labels
You cannot rely on food producers to put food labels on products in a sufficient enough manner to describe what you’re actually buying.
Stanford Professor Calls Out "Egregious" Distortion Of His Research On Clean Energy Jobs | Blog | Media Matters for America
Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics - YouTube
Monsanto... Buying Journalists Now? - YouTube
Gary Ruskin, U.S. Right To Know, join Thom. Experts have been appearing in major publications to weigh in on the GMO versus organic debate for years now. But...
Drive-Thru Flu Shots- Admitted to be Drills for Forced Vaccines - YouTube
http://facebook.com/thetruthergirls Drive-through flu shot 'clinics' are being held in many places. This recent one included fire and police vehicles and the...
Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again...MSM Stays Silent - YouTube
SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=17182 If you follow the mainstream media, you'll probably only know the Seralini 2012 rat feeding study as "that...
Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk - YouTube
Ahead of the U.N. climate change summit in Paris, France, more than 180 nations pledged to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but many climate just...
Congress’ Conflict of Interest: Owning Stock In Pharma Companies That They Deregulate - YouTube
Congress loves giving handouts to the pharmaceutical industry, and a new batch of legislation will help Big Pharma get their products on the market with even...
"A Rogue Company": Leading Glaciologist on Exxon's Climate Change Cover-Up - YouTube
Leading glaciologist Jason Box was an expert witness in a mock trial of Exxon held at COP21, which examined how the oil giant concealed its own findings dati...
Dow And DuPont: The Largest Criminal Merger In History? - YouTube
America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, appears on RT’s Watching The Hawks to discuss the possible merging of two chemical giants, Dow Chemicals and DuPont. Follo...
Published on Dec 17, 2015 Excerpt from "Down The Rabbit Hole" with Popeye, RadChick, & Joe Joseph - Program air date December 16th 2015 *FULL INTERVIEW at DT...
A Crude Deal: Lifting Oil Export Ban Means Subsidy Windfall for Oil Industry - YouTube
The proposal in the current spending bill could lead to a lot more carbon emissions and government hand outs for the oil industry, says DeSmogBlog.org’s Stev...
No Industry Rips Off Consumers More Than Big Pharma: The Latest Scam - YouTube
The Ring of Fire started as a weekly syndicated radio show in 2004 for the purpose of exposing Wall Street thugs, environmental criminality, corporate media ...
Prediction: Obama Adm. Will Allow Dupont and Dow To Escape Their Long, Criminal History - YouTube
Two of the biggest chemical companies in history are planning a merger, and the end result isn’t going to be pretty. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio discusses...
Erin Brockovich: California Methane Gas Leak is Worst U.S. Environmental Disaster Since BP Oil Spill - YouTube
Democracynow.org - In the nation’s biggest environmental disaster since the BP oil spill, a runaway natural gas leak above Los Angeles has emitted more than ...
Poisonous lie: Flint government lied about lead - YouTube
Exxon's Climate Cover-Up Just Got Bigger: Docs Suggest All Major Oil Giants Have Lied Since 1970s - YouTube
Johnson & Johnson Covered Up Talcum Powder Cancer Link For Decades - YouTube
We’re learning more and more about the dangers of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder, and the latest news is that the company was specifically marketing the p...
Michael Tsarion It Is No Measure Of Health To Be Adjusted In A Profoundly Sick Society - YouTube
Monsanto Still Trying to Cover Up Deadly Health Risks of Roundup - YouTube
Study after study is showing up these days that tell us that Monsanto’s Roundup is causing cancer and other extremely severe neurological defects. Monsanto a...
Toxic cover-up: US govt officials cheating on water-safety inspections - YouTube
A new twist has emerged in the US water-crisis saga that began more than two years ago in the small city of Flint, Michigan. Now it seems that the crisis may...
What’s on your food label? - YouTube
Surveys show that a vast majority of Americans are in favor of increased food labeling. But when it comes to things like gluten, GMO’s and DNA, do Americans ...
Another Catastrophic Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast, Corporate Media Completely Ignores It - YouTube
Did you happen to know that there was a pretty massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last week? Because the corporate media definitely didn't get the memo....
Corporate Media Is Lying to You About The Dangers of Monsanto’s Roundup - YouTube
Last year, a panel from the World Health Organization (WHO) came to the conclusion that glyphosate, the main chemical component of Monsanto’s popular weed ki...
EXCLUSIVE: Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the US - YouTube
Jury Hits Johnson & Johnson Again For Talcum Powder Cancer Link - YouTube
When Corporations Kill - Progressive Roundtable - YouTube
Johnson & Johnson sued for failure to alert customers over baby powder, cancer link - YouTube
What could be more harmless than baby powder? Quite a few products on the shelves, as it turns out. The latest lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claims the c...
The Vaccine Whistleblower The Main Stream Media Does Not Want You To Know About - YouTube
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Dr. Brian Hooker at the premier of VAXXED in NYC about his incredible story exposing a whistleblower within the CDC who...
These Corporations Have Raped the Land & Robbed the People - YouTube
Coal companies have turned West Virginia into an environmental disaster zone - and now they have the gall to try and rob their workers of their hard-earned p...
Farms Rarely Fined After Pesticide Exposures - YouTube
An AP review reveals that the pesticide-safety system designed to protect farmworkers is riddled with problems. Investigations often take years to complete a...
Could MI Be The Site Of the Next Nuclear Disaster? - YouTube
Visit http://democracynow.org to watch the full independent, global news hour, read the transcript, search our archive and to make a donation to support us. ...
Flint Residents Upset About Water Bills - YouTube
Flint residents aren’t the only ones unhappy they’re still being expected to pay for substandard water. The issue of water bills coming due in the middle of ...
Seattle Sues Monsanto For KNOWINGLY Dumping Cancer Causing Chemicals Into City's Drainage System - YouTube
Why Congress Allows Big Pharma to Rip Us Off - YouTube
In addition to paying outrageous prices for health insurance, Americans are also being squeezed when it comes time to pay for their prescriptions. Drug price...
How DuPont Recklessly Poisoned An Entire Valley - YouTube
C-8 is a cancer-causing chemical that DuPont and a handful of other corporations used to make non-stick, stain/fire proof, “high performance” products such a...
The Stream - Flint’s poisoned water - YouTube
On The Stream: How cutting costs led to dangerously high levels of lead in Flint’s drinking water.
Republican Governor Knowingly Poisoned City Of Flint Michigan - YouTube
It isn’t often that a state of emergency is declared over a disaster that is 100% man-made and intentional, but that’s exactly what has happened in the city ...
What Did DuPont Know Before They Poisoned An Entire City? - YouTube
From The Big Picture: Tim O'Brien, Levin Papantonio, joins Thom. According to recent scientific research - the chemical known as C-8 is now in the blood of 9...
New bills would take chemical regulation power from states - YouTube
The new bill reforming the 1976 Toxic Substances Protection Act passed the Senate last month, and is expected to become law in February. Environmentalists na...
Experts Say U.S. Gov't Caves to Meat Industry in New Dietary Guidelines - YouTube
http://democracynow.org - Health and environmental experts are accusing the Obama administration of caving to the meat industry in its new dietary guidelines...
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Mmm Mmm Good, Campbell's To Label GMOs - YouTube
This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Elephants are leaving the circus early after public outcry; Campbell's Soup will label its US products for GMOs; UK cafe feed...
Poisoned Democracy: How an Unelected Official Contaminated Flint's Water to Save Money - YouTube
A Staggering Methane Leak Has Caused a State of Emergency in CA - YouTube
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Hudson Riverkeeper/Waterkeeper Alliance joins Thom. A natural gas leak outside of Los Angeles has sent 80,000 tons of methane into the...
Emails Reveal More Corporate Climate Hook-Ups and Less Fair Trade - YouTube
January 06, 2016 CNN News http://MOXNews.com
What's behind big ag's tricks - YouTube
Big ag is infamous for threatening and silencing its opposition with everything from ag gag laws to underhanded, back door deals. So is resistance futile? Or...



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